Sulastiawan, Drs., MA

Departemen Sosiologi
Phone: (021) 7270006/ 7872823

Born in Jakarta in 1958, Sulistiawan is the lecturer of University of Indonesia (UI). Gaining his undergraduate degree in UI, majoring in Sociology (1985), Sulistiawan holds a Sociology master degree from University of Kent, England (1989). To develop his ability, he involved in short course on Multivariate Analysis at Rijks-Universiteit, Gronigen, Netherlands.

Sulistiawan has become teaching staff for the Department of Sociology, University of Indonesia since 1982. In 1986 up to 1994, he was a staff researcher at Inter University Centre for Social Sciences at University of Indonesia. He is a former chair of the Sociology Department of UI. Besides active as a lecturer, he also conducted researches with the Faculty of Social and Political Science and Inter University Centre, University of Indonesia.

Sulistiawan publications include “Metode Penelitian Ilmu Sosial” a teaching material for the Open University, “Manual Kepustakaan CDS/ISIS” Inter University Centre for Social Sciences, UI.



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