Nanu Sundjojo, S.Sos., M.Si.

Sosiologi Lingkungan, Sosiologi Pedesaan
Departemen Sosiologi
Phone: (021) 7270006/ 7872823

Nanu Sundjojo was born in Jakarta August 31st 1971. He gained his bachelor degree from University of Indonesia, majoring in sociology in 1997. He continued his study and achieved his master degree, mastering at Environmental Science Studies from University of Indonesia in 2007.

Nanu Sundjojo, a lecturer of Sociology Department, has joined University of Indonesia since 1996 and his fields of teaching are Introduction to Sociology, Social system of Indonesia, and economic sociology. He is also active in conducting many researches like research about “Technological Transfer in Japanese Affiliated Automotive Industry Firms through Human Resources Development Perspective” conducted by Center For Japanese Studies, and “Evaluation of COPI’s Community Development Program in Natuna Island”, conducted by LabSosio and ConocoPhilips.

Besides active as a lecturer and researcher, he has published some publications. One of his publication is “Urban sociology module” for Open University, Chapter two.



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