Kusharianingsih C.B., Dra. , MS

Sosiologi lingkungan, Sosiologi Perubahan Sosial Ekonomi
Departemen Sosiologi
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Kusharianingsih Candrawita was born in August 15, 1962. Mbak Wiwid, she ussualy called, graduated in Sociology , University of Indonesia in 1988. Her thesis titled: Adaptation of Permanent Migrant Workers on Their Works in The Industrial Sector (Case Study on Migrant Workers in Garment Industries in Jakarta). In 1990 she earned her master degree in Sociolgy from University of Wisconsin, Madison by writing thesis titled: The Divergence in Principles and Practices: Reasons Behind East Kalimantan’s Lack of Development During The First Timber Boom, 1968-1972. Now mbak Wiwid is lecturer of Enviromental Sociology and The Basics of Research Methodology (DDMPS) in Departement Sociology, Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, University of Indonesia.

AnggotaFormative Study on Out of School Children2012
KetuaDinamika Politik dalam Desentralisasi Pengelolaan Hutan2009


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Sosiologi Perubahan EkonomiSosiologi lingkungan, Sosiologi Perubahan Sosial EkonomiSosiologi perubahan sosial ekonomi