Vision, Mission, Purpose, and Strategy

The vision of Sociology Undergraduate Program, which is also the vision of the Department of Sociology, is to become a center of excellence for research-based education in sociology to achieve social welfare. The vision focuses on three things: 1) superior sociology educational center; 2) research-based; 3) contributing to social welfare. Sociology Undergraduate Program’s vision is already referring to some of UI’s, which aims to become a research university and the faculty’s vision to become a place of teaching and excellent research in the field of social and political science that contributes to the development of the quality of life of the nation. This association shows that the Sociology Undergraduate Program intends to support and be part of the development of UI and the Faculty.

This vision was later translated into several missions, as follows:

  1. Prepare a Bachelor of Sociology to become a member of the society who have the honesty and attention as well as the academic ability and professional excellence in the field of sociology, able to compete nationally and internationally.
  2. Bachelor of Sociology find, create and develop sociological knowledge based on research and rooted in Indonesian society.
  3. Bachelor of Sociology find, create and develop innovations in the field of social planning and policies to generate social development.

The missions are also in line with the University and the Faculty to organize a research-based higher education institution, and organize a good quality teaching process through pioneering research-based teaching, in order to produce highly competitive graduates.

In line with the above mission, the purpose of education held in Sociology Undergraduate Program is to implement and develop education, research and community service with social sensitivity, creativity and criticality.

Those goals are to be achieved through relevant development strategies that would fit the existing potentials, including: 1) increasing academic atmosphere; 2) human resource and academic development; 3) community service; 4) internal and external, local, and regional (HR, Research, Forum) cooperation; 5) improved access and research skills; 6) development of research and academic clusters

The initial strategy that might be done to improve the academic atmosphere, in which the Sociology Undergraduate Program’s curriculum is developed based on a number of core courses such as Theories of Sociology, Research Methodology, and Social Statistics. The curriculum is followed by the consolidation and/or digging deeper in a number of courses, reinforced with the development of research skills, internship, and the development of social sensitivity through community service.

Furthermore, the Program also often held a discussion forum or regular meetings conducted within the Faculty of Social and Political Science, by utilizing either permanent lecturers or inviting experts for knowledge enrichment. Department of Sociology and the Program support the development of human resources as well as academic. Department of Sociology also develop research through LabSosio study center under the Department with good track record in internal, external, local and regional cooperation whether it’s for research, forums and human resources. The research development is aimed to build academic clusters and improve cooperation networks both nationally and internationally.